Friday, September 21, 2012

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Days 6-9

Wow, the time is flying! I can't believe that I've already been doing this for over a week! Once again, I know I said that I would write every day, but believe it or not, my cleanse life isn't all that exciting. I do not want to risk my posts being comparable to a boring piece of  lint (as opposed to those really exciting pieces of lint), so I'll do my best to keep it moderately interesting.  Anyway, after over a week of cleansing, I feel amazing! Like "best day of my life" amazing ( as previously stated, I have done nothing exciting enough to merit this) and I can only assume that it is because my newly purified body is trying to tell me something. I have been completely energized and motivated, finishing projects all over the place. My broken lamp isn't broken anymore and now it looks like this...

Also, I have an incredibly clear head which has allowed plenty of time to think and problem solve.  All in all, I would say that I am experiencing a deep sense of well being and healthfulness. One of my biggest revelations was finding out that I truly love my new purpose and that I am wholeheartedly choosing to pursue it. My husband, Jason, loves to fantasize about winning the lottery and it is a regular topic of discussion in our house. While discussing what we would do with our massive fortune (not to worry, giant bouncy houses and hot fudge sundae bars are always included), I realized that even if I was completely financially independent, I would still sell Advocare products. I truly feel that more than anything else I have ever done for a job, this has the potential to help people. To really change lives for the better. These products work. They help people to achieve health and fitness goals that once seemed unattainable. After 9 days on the cleanse, I feel like I could take on any adversary. I WILL achieve my goals and nothing can stop me. Imagine if I could give that feeling to everyone. When people feel well, they live well. And not to mention, anything that can truly focus this scatter brain, is nothing short of remarkable (thank you spark)! So everyone keep your fingers crossed that I will win the lottery and then you are all invited to my health retreat. A tranquil lodge in the mountains where you can cleanse in peace. Enjoy healthy food and then learn how to prepare it. Take fitness classes tailored to your personal needs. Curl up by a giant fire and read an amazing book.  Hike or snowshoe in the great outdoors and then finish the day in a relaxing spa. Man, I wish. Keep your fingers crossed...

Because I have been feeling so great, I can't help telling anyone and everyone, who will listen, about the challenge. Yes, I'm that annoying girl. But, no one has told me to buzz off as of yet, so I just keep on talking. My liquor store guy seemed kind of interested last week when I told him about it, so today when I had some time to kill ( in between cleaning my oven and running to get lamp fixing supplies. Like I said... lots of energy)  I took a quick walk over to chat him up. He is super excited about my journey and his wife would really like for him to be healthier (she believes that a cleanse will help him to produce a male heir, which seems a little far fetched if you ask me. But who am I to crush her dreams?)  He wants to see my results before he gets on board and goes all in. I wasn't exactly sure how to show him, but I just improvised and took him to the gun show.  I'm kind of embarrassed about this. But, whatever, I'm quirky. This is essentially what he saw...

 The worst part is that now I have to go back at the end of the challenge and do this again. So I am changing my workout plan. Initially I just wanted to complete the entire month of advanced cardio in Turbo Fire with the weighted gloves. And so far I'm right on track to complete all 48 classes in the 24 days of the challenge.  However, it is now clear that I definitely need to add some more upper body workouts throughout and maybe some pushups for good measure. I really don't want to disappoint him :)

Okay, enough of my silliness. Lets talk highs and lows!

Low points - 

1. Its official, I'm addicted to sugar. Giving up coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, bread, cheese... no problem. Giving up sweets... yikes. To combat this I have been allowing myself one luna bar every night for dessert. It's not exactly cleanse friendly, but I figure its better than rubbing chocolate cake all over my face.

2. Making my mom special raspberry, chocolate truffles and not being able to eat them (okay, I ate one and they were delicious. Maybe i should move this to the high points list...).

And happily, that is all I can think of for low points. It's been a great couple days!

High Points _

1. After one week I'm down 2.5 pounds. Which is big for me because I've been stuck on a plateau for a while now. And my team has all lost weight as well! We rock!

2. I found a giant box of seaweed snacks at costco for only $10. Then I discovered that all of the little people I take care of (including my own) love to eat them almost as much as I do! Win!

3. Eggplant and chick pea stew over black sticky rice with quinoa. It was super easy. Just put it in the crock pot and go find something better to do. My house smelled amazing all day.

 All right fun lovers, I'm off to re-finish some cabinets... not really, but if you have some that need finishing, I just watched a very informative youtube video on it. It's a real gem :)

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