Sunday, September 16, 2012

24 Day Challenge- Days 2 through 5

Sometimes I'm a slacker. Okay, so I know I said that I would write everyday and I haven't. I'm sorry.

The cleanse portion of the challenge is just going so well, it's keeping me extremely busy. I've had so much energy (it might be nervous energy from not smoking, but we'll just call it energy) these past few days its like a cleaning, organizing, laundry folding tornado has taken over the house. Really, its awesome. Also my workouts have been getting progressively longer and more hard core. I have been able to use my weighted gloves during every cardio session ( watch out would be attackers, if I see you on the street I am now able to punch you into oblivion) and I seriously jumped 6 feet (probably more like 1) into the air during plyometrics.

This weekend, cleansing had some serious challenges, but also many triumphs. One of the biggest challenges was overcoming crazy torrential mood swings. Now,  I need to be clear,  I'm not sure that these are caused by the cleanse or just my general state of  female-ness. But, regardless, they were insane. In a matter of minutes I could go from thinking "I'm so energized! I will clean the entire world. I love everyone!" to " I will kill someone for just the chocolate on their breath! Nothing is good! I hate everyone!". Fortunately I was able to maintain some level of control, and of course, my house is fairly weapon free because small children reside here. There were no serious injuries and I think my marriage is still a go.

My boys were staying at the Grandparents (smart because they got to avoid their slightly insane mother) and my perfect Saturday looked like this - wake up early, clean the entire house and enjoy a full 24 hours of organization and spotlessness. Stuff my face with seaweed snacks (they are amazing) and read the "Hunger Games" series until I fall into a lavender scented slumber.

My husband vetoed the entire plan. Poop on a stick! So instead we went hiking in Boulder (which I have never done!) and it was perfect. I was kind of worried for him venturing into the wilderness, alone with a woman who wanted to pluck out his eyeballs every other minute. Lucky for him, Chautauqua park in Boulder is a very popular place for hikers and there were lots of people on the trail. We hiked to the "Royal Arch" which was about two miles away from our parked car and we gained about three million feet in elevation. No, I'm not really sure what the elevation gain was, but the hike felt like we were climbing a secret (despite the masses of people), wooded staircase up to an archway into the sun. And I felt fine! I felt great! I could have hiked to the sun a thousand times! This cleanse is awesome!

Afterwards we went to Garbanzo's Mediterranean grill (another place that I have never been) and cleanse or no, that place is delicious. I had the chicken kabob plate without rice and extra vegetables instead. It came with hummus and pita (which I gave to my starving husband) and the most amazing ginger green tea ever. Everything tasted super fresh and I think it may have been the best hummus I've ever had. I mean "rub it all over my body" good. Jason decided that if he had to, he could totally eat there every day and I agreed with him (this is rare and should be celebrated. We are married after all). It really was a great day and I learned to accept that your first idea may not always be your best idea.

Okay, now for the highs and lows of the past few days.

Low points -

1. Going to a bar and not drinking but being surrounded by people who are for four hours. I really like all of these people, but I will refrain from that scene until I can booze it up again. A girl has only so much willpower.

2. This pumpkin apple soup. It looks delicious, but be warned. It is not. Not even sriracha could save it.

pumpkin apple soup

3.  Having so much nervous energy that I nibbled my fingernails to extinction. Although, I'm not sure this should be on the low points list because at least now I can't claw anyone's eyes out when I'm experiencing one of those amazing mood swings :)

High points -

1. Smelling amazing everyday now that I have been able to finally give up smoking.

2. Doing fire drills with "my" two year-olds and getting baby high fives.

3. These Thai inspired turkey meatball lettuce wraps. Super easy, super healthy, super gone because I ate them all :) Thai-Inspired Turkey Mini-Meatball Lettuce Wraps
 I'm feeling good and hoping you are too. Now go eat some chocolate. I know I would if I could...


  1. Yeah! Keep writing! The cleanse sounds hard, but good! Brian and I hiked the Royal Arch hike with Harold two summers ago and I thought it was pretty sweet. Apparently there are toooons more trails from Chautauqua. Royal Arch is one of the most popular, so maybe if you look up one of the others it won't be so so crowded.

    I saw your workouts on LoseIt and I felt totally jealous and guilty at the same time. I worked out exactly one day last week - poop. I'm starting the advanced HIIT schedule today, though! Raaa!

  2. Funny, because usually I'm jealous of your workouts on loseit! I'm trying to do the entire advanced cardio month in 24 days, which probably won't happen because I skipped two days to go hiking and swimming. Whatev, guess I'll toss out some of those stretch 40's.

    When we were hiking to the arch I was telling Jason that same thing about the arch being popular. It just sounds like it has the biggest finish or something. Next time we will do something else for sure. I'll be thinking of you fire drillin it up. I love you!