Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Days 15-21

Just cruisin through this thang... Despite the fact that half of my family has had the flu and everyone around me seems to be coming down with it, the MAX phase has been going really smoothly.  I'm used to the diet now and it doesn't even feel prohibitive. I'm accustomed to working out every day and most importantly, I'm seeing results (yaaaaay!!!), so it's really easy to stay motivated. I did a pull up today people! As embarrassing as this may be, that was my first one... ever. My pants are falling off and I feel great (except for the fact that I will now have to subject myself to clothes shopping with two smallish males. But hey, if that is my biggest problem, then life is pretty sweet)! This ball is definitely rolling and gaining serious momentum. So much, in fact, that Jason and I have decided to take two days off at the end of the challenge and then pick right back up again with another round of the MNS max products ( I'm switching from max3 to maxC however, because I'm still craving sugar) and two more weeks of a completely clean diet. We are getting this thing done! Bundt cake* is going down!

*Its more of a mini doughnut now. Mini doughnut, you're going down!

I decided to spend my weekend running again (anything to get out of the house after all of that upchucking) and went for another jog in Wash Park on Saturday. I was absolutely amazed to have beaten my previous time by 15 seconds a mile! At this rate I should be able to run a two minute mile in just a matter of months... Okay, that is never going to happen. But in all seriousness, running five miles at eight minutes a mile is a big time achievement for this stumpy, short legged girl. I have never run professionally or even competitively, but I'm racing against myself and I'm pretty sure I just mopped the floor with my own ass. On Sunday I was feeling really cooped up and slightly grumpy so I decided to lace up, run out the front door and see where my magical* shoes would take me. Well those shoes just kept running and running and running. I actually started having Forrest Gump fantasies. Really ( I'm an unapologetic nerd and I like it). That being said, my nerdy-ness took me on my longest jog this year (6 miles) and I was able to maintain an eight minute, fifteen second mile the whole time. Booya!

*the complete opposite of magical. Blown out, busted and in dire need of replacement...

Before we get to the highs and lows, I want to share a story from one of my best girlies. It goes like this " So I was running with my dog the other morning and we came upon a giant buck. I was absolutely terrified and convinced that it was going to charge and gore us to death, so I turned around and ran as fast as I could all the way home. You know what I learned? I learned that if I ever have to run for my life... I. Will. Die."  Now, while I find this story to be incredibly amusing and slightly hilarious, I really want her to start carrying mace and train with me for a bit. This weekend running taught me something about myself. If I was being chased and had to run for my life, I would race like a Tyrannosaurus Rex on crack (it could happen) to safety. Then catch my breath, say "fuck that", turn around and run back, gnash my teeth and fight my attacker to the death. Then eat them (probably not if my attacker was a human) for a month, making sure to use every part.* All of that running makes this girl hungry and I really hate wasting food :)

* There has to be a  pinterest board for that...

Highs and Lows y'all

Low points

1. Being woken up by a small child with bad breath, barfing in my face (gross!). Since becoming a parent my "ick factor" has went up immeasurably, but, seriously... gross!

2. Realizing that I might be a horrible, selfish mother. My first thought after getting barfed on wasn't "Oh poor baby! How can I make you feel better?" but, was rather "No, don't barf on me! I cannot get the flu! I have to finish my challenge!" Luckily this was only a thought and not a statement. I think I was able to semi-redeem myself with chicken soup and home made applesauce.

3. All of that running gave me a giant blister on my heel. A first for these shoes. I seriously need new ones.

High Points

1. Realizing that the challenge supplements have given me super human immunity, because even though I was surrounded by and practically covered in spew, I DID NOT get the flu!

2. Finding cleanse friendly dessert recipes! This banana "soft serve" is one of my favorites and you could make so many variations. Just get creative!

 Slice up 3 bananas and put them on a tray

Pop them in the freezer until they're good and frozen (maybe a couple of hours)

Pull them out of the freezer while you grab your other ingredients.  

- "Clean" peanut butter (the only ingredients should be peanuts and salt)

- Lite coconut milk 

- Unsweetened cocoa powder

Toss everything into the food processor. I didn't measure anything, but here are some estimates

All of the bananas

A scoop or two of peanut butter ( 2 Tablespoons )

A splash of coconut milk ( 1 Tablespoon)

A small scoop cocoa powder ( 1 and a half teaspoons)

Buzz it all up until smooth

Serve and enjoy!


3. This cauliflower pizza was awesome! However, I'm unofficially changing the name to " pizza flavored cauliflower hot dish" because if you are expecting pizza you might be disappointed. It was delicious anyway though. We added turkey bacon, hot peppers and tomatoes from the garden. Plus, I used my own garden marinara, but add any cleanse friendly ingredients you like. Have a little fun. Go crazy!

4. And just for fun and cuteness... This happy little boy eating applesauce and holding it down :)

Have a good night and know that by the time you hear from me again, I will have eaten real pizza and be a very happy girl!

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